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  • Mini Baguettes

    From: $3.95
  • sandwich platter

    Sandwich Platter

    From: $5.95

    Our gourmet sandwiches are overfilled with the best of produce, impressive for your board meeting or presentation . Basic sandwiches are great for no fuss option. Please indicate in messages at checkout for specific instuctions eg white, wholemeal or multigrain

  • Baguettes, Wraps, Rolls

    From: $8.95

    Catered baguettes, wraps and rolls are filled with a variety fresh salads accompanied with cheeses and assorted meats all of exceptional quality. Please indicate in messages at checkout with any specific intructions on fillings

  • Placeholder

    Fresh fruit tray

    From: $30.00

    Fresh, seasonal fruit arranged in a catering tray for easy serving

  • Savoury Tray

    From: $16.95

    Heated for your convenience, orders are by the dozen
    If no heating is required please use Savouries menu option

For birthdays, weddings, parties, business meetings, office lunch, we can supply special custom ordered platters for any kind of occasion. We have a large selection of sandwiches, baguettes, savoury platters and fruit plates. The most popular platter combinations are healthy baguettes & sandwiches, tasty cocktail sausage rolls & quiche, delicious cocktail tarts and fresh fruit. Pre-order and pick up or we can deliver to your home or office.